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IMPORTANT: Security Permissions on macOS
Last Updated 3 years ago

Note: Applies for Mojave and Catalina only.

ITVDesk may only start stream when Camera, Microphone, Accessibility and Screen Recording permission is granted by the macOS system.
Add ITVDesk to trusted apps in order to work correctly.

ITVDesk requires security permissions from macOS for screen recording, webcamera, microphone and disc access.
Run ITVDesk to open macos system preferences and set permissions for ITVDesk accordingly.


Click System Preferences to open Security & Privacy


1. Unlock Security & Privacy by clicking the lock.

2. Switch to the Privacy tab.
3. Grant required permissions by adding ITVDesk to trusted apps in section Camera, Microphone, Accessibility, Full Disk Access and Screen Recording.

4. Reboot Mac OSX

Note: Permission for Full Disk Access is optional, but required to use the Import and Export license/reqest file.

How to Accessing system preferences manually

Set the permissions for ITVDesk in the Privacy Tab of Security & Privacy.

Security & Privacy is located in System Preferences on MacOS.

There are several methods to get there:


Click the Apple menu and choose

System Preferences...


Type System Preferences

in the Launchpad and confirm with enter.


Open System Preferences from the Dock.

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