Frequently Asked Questions

Manual setup resolution - Enable 4K support or what you need (Transcoding, Transmuxing, Transrating)

When user make new ONVIF IP camera maximum defined streaming Resolution is 4Mpx(2xFullHD). If user need higher resolutions that are supported to.


ITVDesk have Transcoding, Transmuxing, Transrating video striming.
User can manual define what size of video stream need it and what video coding.


hat? the act of converting one of the streams (audio or video) from one CODEC to another one.

Why? sometimes some devices (NVR, DVR, computer and smartphones) doesn't support X but Y and newer CODECs provide better compression rate.

How? converting an H264 (AVC) video to an H265 (HEVC).


What? the act of converting from one format (container) to another one.

Why? sometimes some devices (NVR, DVR, Computer and etc) doesn't support X but Y and sometimes newer containers provide modern required features.

How? converting a mp4 to a webm.


What? the act of changing the bit rate, or producing other renditions.

Why? people will try to watch your NVR in a 2G (edge) connection using a less powerful smartphone or in a fiber Internet connection on their 4K NVRs therefore you should offer more than one rendition of the same video with different bit rate.

How? producing a rendition with bit rate between 3856K and 2000K.


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