Frequently Asked Questions

How to retreive direct RTSP urls for ITVDesk streams

Direct use and select video stream over RTSP:
Sometimes you might need to video and audio access it from various locations, such as a different computer or a handheld device, ITVDesk, that can help you achieve quick and efficient results.


Play mainStream from IPCamera ipc1, ipc2, ipc3... is number of created IP Camera:
- Camera 1: rtsp://yourip:port/ipc1-stream1/screenlive (play MainStream with media source Desktop 0)
- Camera 2: rtsp://yourip:port/ipc2-stream1/screenlive
- Camera 3: rtsp://yourip:port/ipc3-stream1/screenlive

Play MainStream, SubStream, ThirdStream, FourthStream, CustomStream from IP Camera 1
- Camera 1: rtsp://yourip:port/ipc1-stream1/screenlive (play MainStream with media source screenlive)
- Camera 1: rtsp://yourip:port/ipc1-stream2/screenlive
- Camera 1: rtsp://yourip:port/ipc1-stream3/screenlive
- Camera 1: rtsp://yourip:port/ipc1-stream4/screenlive
- Camera 1: rtsp://yourip:port/ipc1-stream5/screenlive

If your system have multiple monitors, mutiple webcamera etc... you can use rtsp://yourip:port/screenliveN , the N to specify the monitor, webcamera, audio index, start from 0, suchas:
Play computer ScreenLive N0, N1, N2 and webcamera N0 from IP Camera
- Camera 2: rtsp://yourip:port/ipc2-stream1/screenlive
- Camera 2: rtsp://yourip:port/ipc2-stream1/screenlive1
- Camera 2: rtsp://yourip:port/ipc2-stream1/screenlive2
- Camera 2: rtsp://yourip:port/ipc2-stream2/videodevice (webcamera - SubStream)


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