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Adjust Audio Encoder parameters (Encoder, Channel, Bitrate, etc...)
Last Updated 4 years ago

ITVDesk ONVIF IP Camera supports 3 way to control audio encoder parameters:

1) From NVR/VMS client. User can adjust audio encoder parameters for ITVDesk streams using their NVR/VMS software which supports ONVIF. The same way how these parameters managed for any other ONVIF IP Camera.

2) From ITVDesk application user interface. User can configure stream parameters on ITVDesk "Video Audio Settings" press button. See the pictures below:


3) User can configure stream parameters over RTSP Metadata


: rtsp://

ScreenLive: rtsp://

&t = type of transfer
&p = udp or tcp
&ve = video encoding
&w = video widht
&h = video hight
&ae = audio encoding

* - All stream have Transcoding, Transmuxing, Transrating and can be setting front and over ONVIF protocol.

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