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Video quality is poor (video is pulsing, video has artifacts, video if freezing)
Last Updated 3 years ago

Video quality of ITVDesk streams can be adjusted with "Bitrate Limit" parameter of the encoder. Bitrate limit, frame p/s, resolution, video encode can be changed either in NVR/VMS clients or directly in ITVDesk application.

  1. Video has artifacts
  2. Video artifacts appear in case of a massive packets loss. Most probably the network bandwidth is too low for the bitrate produced by ITVDesk video streams.
    It's recommended to decrease Bitrate limit parameter, down video resolution, down fp/s, change video encode to h.265 or use high speed network connection.
    ITVDesk IP Camera video configuration

  3. Video is pulsing / refresh in the video every few seconds / video is distorted
  4. In this case the current Bitrate limit is not enough to transmit the stream with the configured resolution and FPS settings.
    It's recommended to increase Bitrate limit for every stream where such issue occurs.

    Specify the output video bitrate, if 0, automatically calculate the output bitrate, the unit is kb/s.

    Specify the video frame p/s If 0 use the original video frame rate (livescreen use the default value 15, camera stream use the default value 25)

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